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Additional Learning Opportunities

Spring Term 2019

Friendship Group runs all week at lunchtime in HUB 1.
Please come along!
Mrs Hale & Miss Butler

Year 11 Study Group runs on a Monday after school from 3.25-4.25pm in the LRC.
Mrs Hale

Art rooms are open:

Lunchtimes - every day for all year groups.

After school - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 4.30pm(all year groups).
Students wishing to stay after school should check with staff the day before that there will be
supervision available.

Mr Yarrington & Miss Nemeshanyi

Year 11 English revision session - Tuesday after school.
Mr Cooke, Mrs Farnell, Miss Watton, Miss Hammond and Mrs Hoskin

Reading Club takes place Tuesday lunchtimes in E3. Please come along.

Miss Bartlett

Year 11 English revision session - Tuesday lunchtime.
Miss Watton

Year 10 Reading Club is taking place during Friday lunchtimes. Pop in.
Mrs Hoskin

Geography Year 11 revision sessions are now taking place on Friday lunchtimes and Wednesday after school. Any questions please see Miss Cotterill.

Year 11 History revision sessions are running on Monday lunchtimes, from Monday 4th March. Come along!
Mr Rossiter

Lunchtime Homework Club takes place every day, with TA support, in IT3.
Mrs Passantino

After school Homework Club takes place on Tuesday and Thursday, 3.25-4.25pm, in the LRC.
Miss Butler, Mrs Hale & Mrs Passantino

ICT Year 11 booster sessions are now running Monday and Friday lunchtimes, and Wednesday
after school 3.25 to 4.25pm.

The LRC is open every day from 8.45am on a Monday and 8.30am Tuesday - Friday, break times and lunchtimes for homework and coursework help.

Year 8 Book Club, run by pupil librarians, is now taking place on a Wednesday lunchtime. Mrs Hands

Lunchtime revision - Monday to Friday (M4) with Mr Seager and Mrs Evason.

Lunchtime revision - Monday and Wednesday (M2) with Miss Elliott.

Lunchtime revision - Friday (M1) with Mr Barker.

After school revision - every Thursday with Miss Elliott (4-6), Mr Barker (7+) and Mr Seager (F).

Mr Hyett's Chess Club runs on a Wednesday lunchtime. Please come along.

Miss Elliott

Every Thursday lunchtime a revision/intervention session for Year 11 French and German
students is taking place. Please see the MFL notice board for the week by week details.
Miss Haines

Monday lunchtime—Acoustic Group which is open to vocalists, guitarists,violins, cellos and flutes!
Wednesday lunchtime—Polyphonica which is open to all orchestral players (all years).

Thursday lunchtime—Rock Band
Friday lunchtime—Ukulele Group! Open to all!

Rock Academy
Runs Wednesdays from 4 to 5.30pm and Saturdays from 10 to 11.30am.
We have limited spaces on Wednesday and a few more on Saturday. Please see Mr Badham in the Music Dept if you are interested in joining any of the groups or to get an application form for Rock Academy.
Mr Hall

Morning Meditation Sessions
These sessions run once a week during tutor time for each year group from Years 8-11.

This is a unique opportunity to be taught the basics in mindful meditation and meditation that fosters compassion for others.
It is a guided meditation where you will be given the opportunity to learn and discuss
your practice in a secure and positive setting. Please see Miss Bayliss if you are interested.

Lunchtime Activities and Events
The Philosophy, Theology and Ethics department run a range of lunchtime workshops.
These take place at different times throughout the academic year, and details will be sent
via tutors in advance. There will be an opportunity to sign up for these activities on the
Philosophy, Theology and Ethics noticeboards.
Miss Bayliss

Please check the whiteboard in PE for the weekly picture. The school website and Weekly Bulletin also list the weeks activities and fixtures.
Mr Powell

Specific revision sessions run for Year 10 and 11 on a timetable basis. The timetable is issued to all students via Doddle.

Science STEM Club, called Lego Mindstroms, is running Thursday after school from
3.30-4.30pm.Please see Mrs Westley for details.

Year 10 students have the opportunity to run their own business and participate in this
international programme.Meetings take place each Monday lunchtime in the meeting room
and at other times as required.
Mrs Black


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